‘Chants of Freedom’ Review by Achis Reggae

Review by Achis Reggae

“Chants Of Freedom” by Jah Hero [Manjago Vibrations]


I say that I was kind of trying to make up my mind about what I fully thought about “Chants Of Freedom” an album from an artist by the name of Jah Hero who, I think, was fully unknown to me prior to hearing it, but these days – I’m convinced. Hero originally comes from out of Gambia but these days calls Germany home (yet another big talent from out of both Africa and Germany) and he, seemingly, pours all of his surely diverse life-experiences all over this album which prove to make for one SOLID set. A pair of big songs set themselves apart on “Chants Of Freedom” for me in ‘Rise’ and ‘Chanting’ but not too far behind (if at all) are the likes of ‘I Care’, ‘Good Ways’ (which I’m considering going back to place in the first group) and others. This isn’t THE best album I have ever heard, but if you enjoy modern Roots Reggae with just a dash of an old[er] school sound, you’ll thoroughly enjoy “Chants Of Freedom” and definitely biggup Jah Hero for the big new album.
Source: Achis Reggae